Happy New Year Beauties! One week in and I hope things are still going smoothly for you. 2016 bought so many life lessons with it. Love, loss, disappointment, forgiveness, success you name it I experienced it. Coming off of a hiatus with wrapping up classes, the holidays, and a career change! I’m looking forward to a new year full of dreams and new possibilities and creating exciting content on a more consistent schedule.

We’ve all been there before the dreaded breakup. An emotional roller coaster that accompanies relationships. For many it can be devastating and for others a blessing in disguise but we all go through it AND we all get through it in the end. In today’s post I wanted to share my ultimate breakup playlist that’s got me through some pretty rough times.

Happy Monday beauties! I hope you all had a great weekend! Today I’m kicking the week off with a huge mindset overhaul and I hope you will too! With all the things happening in our daily lives we get so wrapped up in anything and everything and it is so crucial that we take a step back to evaluate what’s important and how we as individuals can improve our circumstances.

Hey beauties I’m back and feeling more refreshed than EVER! This past week my sorority sister and I took a 7 night Western Caribbean cruise and spent a few extra days in Fort Lauderdale, Florida soaking up the sun in celebration of our birthdays which are just a few days apart (June 29th and July 2). We sailed the Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas and for my first cruise I was thoroughly impressed with everything they had to offer.