We’ve all been there before the dreaded breakup. An emotional roller coaster that accompanies relationships. For many it can be devastating and for others a blessing in disguise but we all go through it AND we all get through it in the end. In today’s post I wanted to share my ultimate breakup playlist that’s got me through some pretty rough times.

In the aftermath of a breakup we are left with so many different emotions which is why music is so therapeutic, it provides us comfort in knowing that others have too experienced feelings of loss and hurt. I think the essence of any effective playlist has to have levels to it. In these levels you need those songs that will allow you to mourn the end of a relationship like The Scripts “Breakeven” and Amy Winehouse’s “Tears Dry on Their Own”. In the next level there should be those songs that helps us to stop romanticizing the relationship and to see it for what it really was or wasn’t like “The Pressure” by Jhene Aiko and Fantasia Barrino’s “Bittersweet”. In the last level this is where it gets good. This portion of the playlist is where you’ve picked yourself back up, began to realize your self worth and discovered that heck this breakup was probably the best thing to EVER happen to you. Here Beyoncé is queen, because who doesn’t love Beyoncé right? With tracks like “Single Ladies ” , “Sorry” and  “Feeling Myself ” you’re bound to be back to your most happiest BOSS chick self in no time. Give your playlist a catchy title and hit PLAY!


The Ultimate Breakup Playlist

What songs are on your breakup playlist? I’d love to hear!



  1. Bye Baby by Nas is a really good song to add to this list. It’s about reflecting on the relationship, both good and bad and then moving on. Me, Myself and I was my ultimate breakup song, though. It got me through the worst break up I’ve ever had.
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    • Jessica Reply

      Love Nas I will definitely check that one out. And yes “Me, Myself, and I” is a classic!

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