Happy Monday beauties! I hope you all had a great weekend! Today I’m kicking the week off with a huge mindset overhaul and I hope you will too! With all the things happening in our daily lives we get so wrapped up in anything and everything and it is so crucial that we take a step back to evaluate what’s important and how we as individuals can improve our circumstances.


I’ve always been a person who’s dreaded the Monday morning slump viewing it as the big bad wolf coming to take all the fun from the weekend. However over the past couple of weeks I’ve had a change of heart. Had I come to actually like Monday’s? After some thinking it hit me. Despite my prior views on Monday this day of the week turned out to be my MOST productive.I’ve always prepped the night before so getting my day started has always been a breeze for me and work , I’d jump right into it not skipping a beat getting things knocked out left and right. So I thought to myself what if I lived everyday like it was a Monday?? I’d be a lot more productive & closer to accomplishing my targeted goals than ever. So I decided to take the challenge and live life like everyday is Monday & I hope you will too!

What’s your most productive day of the week and why ? I’d love to know.




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