About a month ago I received an em cosmetics creamy color classic lipstick in the shade “Nude Lace” within my monthly Ipsy bag. In addition to receiving my confirmed items, this was as an incentive to continue my service with the company after I chose to cancel my subscription. Now choosing to leave was not related to any negative experiences or anything of the such, I just wanted to pause the influx of new products I had coming in. As a product junkie we tend to go overboard with the beauty related subscription services (yes I’m guilty lol) that have seemed to pop up everywhere and with my schedule it had become hard to test out my current products before receiving the new ones. So seeing as how I’ve wanted to try em cosmetics for some time now I said what the heck and continued with my subscription.em-cosmetics-box If you’re not familiar with em cosmetics it is a makeup line created by none other than YouTube sensation Michelle Phan. Michelle’s videos have been watched over a billion times which is a huge accomplishment in itself. Her balance of fame and remaining true to herself has helped her transition from creating content to creating her own beauty line which is a true reflection of her. The name “Em” is a Vietnamese word meaning “you” which is used affectionately to address loved ones. Em cosmetics has a wide range of uniquely crafted products that holds true to Michelle’s persona and audience. I loved the packaging which is white, and black with gray lettering that includes powerful wording scrolled across in cursive writing with a chrome tube giving it a classy touch. The shade “Nude Lace” is a beautiful brown nude color perfect for everyday wear. On my complexion, it gives me a “my lips but better look”, with just a wash of color and was very creamy and comfortable to wear. These lipsticks retail for $15.00 a tube which is a bit pricey for some but for those true makeup buffs it’s worth the splurge especially if you’re into unique packaging.




Have you tried any products from this line? I’d love to hear about them!


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