For the past few weeks the weather here in central Texas has been icky and down right uncomfortable and as a result my combination/oily skin has experienced climate over kill! So after work about two weeks ago I stopped into one of my favorite stores (Ulta) to find something that would help cleanse and purify my skin. Being pretty familiar with the Freeman brand I went straight to their section because they offer great products at affordable pricing making it a win, win situation for me and my wallet. I decided to go with the Feeling Beautiful Charcoal & Black Sugar Mask & boy am I happy I did. 

Freeman Charcoal and Black Sugar Mud Mask

Why We Love It! 

These two products separately are amazing but together works wonders. Charcoal absorbs oil, impurities,and  draws out toxic environmental pollutants from the skin while black sugar helps skin stay hydrated while slightly exfoliating helping to get rid of dull lifeless skin leaving it smooth and clear. Simply apply product to face and neck, let dry and rinse with warm water. They definitely hit the nail on the head with this product and I plan to keep it in my beauty care regimen. 

What Freeman skin care products have you tried?  


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